Have You Bought the Christmas Costumes?

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free shipping

In 2014, there are many new movie, anime and game released, and we could also see many people different cosplay in all kinds of show. For example, because of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, many men and women have cosplayed Winter Soldier with the cool Winter Soldier costume and arm. After the anime Tokyo Ghoul released, we could see many people cosplay the main character Kanagi Ken with the Kanagi Ken costume and mask.  In addition, I think many game fans would not miss the great game Watch Dogs, Aiden Pearce with the mask, hat and coat is loved by so many young men and women.

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More Better Star Lord Helmet for Fans

Star Lord, Hero in Guardians of the Galaxy, is loved by many fans, we worked for this many star lord fans, R&D these Star Lord masks. Now,how many star lord masks we have done?

The firs version,as the simple Star Lord helmet latex one, produced by latex, and didn’t painted as the follow

star lord helmetstar lord helmet mask

Of course we can’t stop here, it just the start. Ever the first simple Star Lord helmet DIY latex version, we also give it the light glasses.

star lord mask helmet

It looks more better? :)

Ok, the second version will be show, it also made of latex, but this time we painted, when the color is ok, it will be more like the role star lord in the movie.

star lord helmet latex no light

Oh, this one ever have no light, it’s the latex Star Lord helmet painted version with no light but seems more better than the first Diy light one. Of course we have it’s light version!

star lord helmet latex light version

Ha ha :) This latex Star Lord helmet with light version many fans have bought it for cosplay, ever come to exhibition, likes the follow

star lord helmet exhibition

The Star Lord helmet latex version color didn’t like the same one? No! It’s just the same one, because of the light when taking pictures. It looks good and we will stop more better? The answer is no! we will produce more and more better one. Because the latex’s painted color very hard to control, we decide to produced it by PVC! Ok, now, let’s show the firs PVC version!

star lord helmet PVC DIY blue

Oh, this is Star Lord helmet PVC DIY blue version. It’s more hard and when buy to home,when diy color more easier. and the same time,we produces the PVC DIY red version Helmet.

star lord helmet PVC version DIY red

The up 2 PVC Star Lord helmet have a deadly disadvantages, It’s too big, like the Apple advertising said “bigger than bigger”, so we need to solve this problem. And the follow Star Lord helmet PVC version with light have this problem too.

star lord helmet pvc version with light

For solve this too bigger problem, we spend many time to R&D, at last, we get the follow version Star Lord mask PVC normal style!

star lord helmet PVC normal version

Do you like this Star Lord Helmet? Get it on www.cosmask.com

Antman Helmet From the 2015 New Movie “Ant-Man” which will be release on July 7

2015 the new movie Ant Man will be release on July 7, Marvel produced.

Antman helmet prototype 2015 new movie

Antman is a very interesting man and we decide to produce the Antman helmet which like the follow photo:

antman helmet

Professional cheats Scott lang (Paul rudd, which the Antman) has a smaller body strength increase of the super ability, he must accept his hero status and help his mentor, a biochemist Hank pimm (Michael Douglas) ant people battle to protect his invention. Under the powerful enemy threat, pimm and lang must be carefully planned and perform a tc scheme to save the world.

Biochemists Hank intends to use his newly discovered a group of subatomic particles, do a can change the size of the create test. Results halfway out of the questions, take their own experiment, Hank could become as small as ants. Later, he invented a tool, to help him communicate with ants, and even control them for their use.

The Dark Knight Rises in Three Generations Cosplay Costume

The Dark Knight Rises in Three Generations Cosplay Costume

Preface first: August 27 is batman and spiderman and at the same time one day break into the Chinese mainland. Even if batman film carride out again, is worth me to write some words to nitpick, vent chests are the oppressed. As to be propaganda of hot new spider-man, saw 3 d, no desire to see. In addition, like TDKR is your freedom, belittle it has inferior blogger expression level, and do not take the lower limit of you come to my here shows, unscrupulous message kill without forgiveness “the dark knight rises is a bad batman film. The higher the so-called expectations, the greater the disappointment. The dark knight rises (hereinafter referred to as the TDKR) as Nolan and Hollywood has to compromise and final chapter for the dark knight trilogy, exist in a much-anticipated proud, eventually descended into awkward hollow turnip bleak. In Hollywood only money for good parts, of course, has nothing to do with TDKR continued high box office, but that it gave an ordinary summer audience, a batman fan high feedback, made very what reached a peak. Ideas don’t have more better ones “the dark knight rises version released in 164 minutes, the” XiaYing puzzle “and” the dark knight “many had to MSC and explain the problem solving in the clear. It’s doomed the final chapter, for bedding baggage before how important a role. But only if we already know, in “the dark knight” Nolan himself said before “I myself have all want to see in batman.” Cooperate with Nolan always with single sensation characteristic, the style of this kind of trying to clearly let a generation of sharp talent. The dark knight rises with the amount of information is very large, dent and song tan spirit, whole shadow fighters alliance, crime of art, the ancient civilization of metaphor, even at the end of the echoes, the world view of such a large subject, if difficult to thread in a short time, then let TDKR suddenly faced multiple choices. That do not make the XiaYing mystery of vigor and vitality, was not out of the dark knight chills puffed up. Can only push plot, gather together the story step by step, finally overreaches, phoenix head broom feet

High expectations is not equal to good quality decision planning towards the dark knight rises, not Nolan, but all the executives of Hollywood. Money is use them, can put aside the director don’t generally appear, also can despise all independent film elements bring us excited and happy. To paraphrase now has fallen jing wang director a words: a film can make money is a good movie. If that’s the case, then the steel guitar “and” hedong animal roars at fellow players 2 “is no more meaning. Similarly, TDKR earn big thanks to second part of “the dark knight” suppress water detention and much-anticipated, the rich second generation halo already seeping into the heart. Is like a river lake is famous for its first five hundred years after five hundred are the only one like wulin, everyone wanted to think, since his cow force, so that his son will also not wrong. Although TDKR is far from dou to be lifted up, but by their parents, the reputation capital, as their escort, this expectation was evolved into connivance of the batman film, which in turn leads to the height of the TDKR landslide. Simple become complicated the dark knight rises is a need to rise to the academic Angle to talk about film. TDKR market positioning is very clear, squeezed the dark knight series of surplus value, and continue to use touted Nolan effect, to clean up the market cake. The bottom line is so clear, but the evil shadow made by “the dark knight” halo by flattering but I don’t know what fans, complying with the tide of fate will win, kind of Shouting TDKR how deep, full of modern and contemporary sociology innovation initiative. Try to imagine, even can get prison thug tanks, incredibly don’t understand with machine guns and roadblocks and with his bare hands of the police team playing street; Scribble since the end of the shadow fighters league understand futures trading, but don’t know the power of wrist; Osama bin laden is the United States forces to drive the cow to the hills, unexpectedly on his doorstep, intimidation by a group of crazy as long as 100 days but inaction; Always careful seamless Nolan film left so many loopholes and scribble, in the final chapter of the most critical, is difficult to use previous sharp move audience, then sincere worship. Would leave behind only gradually forgotten figure, there is no good fans the bark of a farce.

Window, solitary self-improvement step TDKR is a window of film as batman movie, he is not to please the audience: the feeling of the comic book, did not take good care of a few sets of the dark knight before a fan. If as a summer movie, it contains large amount of information, the introduction to the audience the threshold is too high, for old people is congenital disorders. The theme of the imbalance in TDKR, unmotivated, rhythm is not unified, lack carved too line and design. May even “avengers alliance” and “transformers 3″ of city of the big bang, there is no too much design stage, at the same time, the lack of staying power. Even if batman in transportation, bat motorized wheels roll will be 720 degrees, there is no foreplay can’t seduce always arouses enthusiasm. TDKR is like a solitary self-improvement step bats, expression is blurred, slightly drunk fluttering, no dark knight series should have a highly effective and simply. Conclusion the mystery of XiaYing leitmotif is brown, a symbol of the old photos lead of abrasive cleaning clears after China and be vividly portrayed. The rise of “the dark knight” is the main tone of blue-black, represents the dark lines in full bloom tough and dangerous. The dark knight rises the main tone is white, glittering, behind is forced to rise and regret the end of the spark. So by money pyramiding and fans reckless batman movie, may bravado, but never I. Was indignant nitpick, because Christopher Nolan’s standard and the elevation of the dark knight, the dark knight rises not only failed to meet the rich three generations, and mediocre unexpectedly, so this kind of mediocrity, has long been bloody shooting. , of course, the film can be used as a focus interview as gun control and social order to ensure the beginning of the end, no turn room for PS: Joseph Gordon. Leavitt’s small counterparts police making, was later batman’s good friend robin. Once swear in front of the interview said: “as long as I shout, the dark knight series won’t have robin” Nolan, laugh at this time is counting money, or Hollywood rules constraint cry?

Cosplay Batman The Dark Knight Rises Epic Perfect End

Cosplay Batman The Dark Knight Rises Epic Perfect End

Batman: the dark knight rises, epic perfect end (no spoilers, please feel free to read ~)

(after watching the movie, in the mood for a long time can not quell, if with ultra words in the article, please forgive me.) Finally the procedures such as a busy day yesterday does about, finally let me can go to the cinema to see a long-awaited “batman: the dark knight rises (hereinafter referred to as the TDKR), Japan today want to see IMAX version in Harrisburg, but the weather forecast says there’s a thunderstorm (actually is the time to write this review begins). Then went to the local cinema. Ticket took into theaters, found that only I a person (we the place is small, small population), but later slowly to the four or five. I still have some worry about someones gun to do again, because the theater security is really bad, don’t check. Well, not nonsense that the cut to the chase. Although be evil black malicious spoilers, but do not affect the mood of my watch. Compact film start full of feeling, the right clip to the movie without urinary point (although I don’t have developed slice of alkaloids in urine). Nolan still go first two dark line, his realism to the limit. Batman Bruce Wayne from the Begin to Fall to Rise, the theme from Fear to Chaos finally to Pain, this trilogy has become a legend. Four scenarios, under this big kung fu, chose in contrast to the movie “the dark knight” on the route, the camera focuses on the hero Bruce Wayne, again add hero aura. Director on track4, mainly embodies the Rise of batman, you are as a set of supporting role, especially the villain. Screen, the film overall is still dark. Up to 72 minutes of IMAX camera let a person feel from IMAX version must be a huge regret (I will go to see the IMAX). Effects still Nolan’s characteristics, in today’s computer technology overflow, stick to the traditional realism requires a great deal of courage, but Nolan is undoubtedly a success. His work on “inception,” won the Oscar. TDKR in Nolan bolder, the opening of the air plane (table said I spoilers, have inside the trailer) and the collapse of the back of the football field, there are a lot of lens are real shooting, props and basic are based on solid model, give a person the shock, of course, it goes without saying that this is $250 million. But, of course, also has the defects, like batman’s new equipment bats fly the aircraft in the air is a little slightly stiff, because that is using a rope hanging, but don’t hurt the little flaws.

Music, Nolan is assured to uncle lonely Hans zimmer, he also expectations of course, there are impassioned music lets a person have a boiling passion, also has sorrow lower get a soft music. Especially with the climax of a Rise quite a shock. Can’t deny many voices are used for the first two old routines, but it also keep the consistency of the entire trilogy. Hans zimmer but the same is true in other series of film dubbing, like “pirates of the Caribbean” series, “kung fu panda” series. So feel lonely tertiary compare lazy children’s shoes also should understand understand ~ of course, the loneliness is not cover, while retain the original style with film center “Rise”, joined the yongsong seen the trailer can be heard “sex sex felipe massa” such 咏颂. The cast of actors, TDKR luxury can only be used to describe. The first two characters all return, here not comments one by one, and almost all new role played a key role. Rose to fame with the princess diaries of Anne hathaway’s catwoman change route of all previous versions of the enchanting, dress is traditional, but do not break again beautiful, but also what she get, accepted the professional training before filming.

And because of the excellent performances in “la vie en rose” and the Oscar after Marion cotillard starred in Miranda also like her in the inception of Mo son as charming and it is no wonder that Wayne is just can’t hold it, along with the development of the plot seems to embody her important. Familiar with cerf also debut in TDKR, as a humble little detective, but the audience can also detect the unique role. His judgment, difficult and easy, are impressive. Because in the pleasant cooperation in the inception, Nolan will villain bain this role to Tom hardy, who also: doing my best for this role. Before shooting, dedicated non-existent 30 pounds, to show the bain burly figure. Because wear masks, non-existent can only through the eyes and voice tone to interpret bain, difficulty cans be imagined, but non-existent did very well, so to speak, in the eyes reveal a bain’s murderous look, also reflect the swagger of bain in tone.

Director Christopher Nolan is my favorite director, in TDKR set he is the most tired, not only to pluralism, and to resist all kinds of pressure, of course TDKR success should be attributed his half. Nolan is indeed a talented talented director, each a work he can bring people look forward to working with surprise. Hey man who can have as many as three-quarters of works in the IMDb TOP250? And who can so crazy fans? (actually I don’t like this… I’m not a blow, the fact that I just said. Don’t spray the black you, don’t like Nolan’s works, different tastes, can only say that you are malicious attack on Nolan and his works, that means you have no quality. TDKR is indeed a movie thinking deep, glorious excavated from the human nature, “the dark knight”, namely, the super hero sublimation to a higher level. This point, as this year of masterpiece “avengers alliance” is absolutely cannot match. But TDKR is not as good as “multiple”, which I do not deny that, because the two films is not a type. The entire movie, let me to tears several times, especially in the end, the perfect curtain call Nolan trilogy meticulously, song rings, the name of the production team, I used to keep the applause to express my great love for the film, even the theatre only I a person at this time. Legendary epic end, it is over. Batman: the dark knight rises for the enough to load the film history trilogy drew a satisfactory full stop. Hope Nolan the lower part of the work also can bring us such a surprise! (respect not see audience, zero spoilers, so some content to dig, mainly used to express their emotions, so the critics may level slightly lower, please forgive me)

Winter Soldier Cosplay Captain America 2 Super Hero Fierce

Winter Soldier Cosplay Captain America 2 Super Hero Fierce

To see a lot of people say “captain America 2″ and “iron man 3″ across more than one hundred “thor 2″! So lame, but diffuse pictures of “iron man 3″ “thor 2″ really boring, but I haven’t the 2 such great blockbuster. This after the killing, high-tech carrier explosion of desperation, large caliber gun and melee is complete, the handsome boy spice of warm feelings, you seem very common very popcorn, did just that is sweet and delicious. In addition to the “iron man 3″, “thor 2″ bloody example, consider a while ago South Korea science-fiction film “snow country train, bong joon-ho also have Chris Evans, has sold boring depressed, weak and flawed fight and he could have a” Anthony Lu Su, Joe Lu Su “brothers that level? Wood has! Very easy after 70, Steve Rogers bed met old girlfriend once, and behold god shield bureau internal made a conspiracy and the coup, one eyed person Nick Frederick was badly wounded in the streets, and become a scapegoat, moment in a crisis. Looking at the team 2, my mind always remembered before all kinds of classic. For example, see the hero the fugitive fight with roof parkour, I thought of “the bourne identity” series, such as all kinds of advanced weapon, I immediately thought of the “special forces” and “avengers alliance”. But “multiple” is 2012, the “special forces” as the second set down by high-tech, and only leave “ninja snow-capped mountains killing” that highlights, then “the team 2″ to the right.

Anti-kidnapping from the pirate ship, “the team 2″ will take no less than of Phillip’s breathtaking choking feeling, Rogers and fight the enemy with various rolling, Hong Kong action movie essence is more learned. And black one eyed person street was an ambush, the enemy’s machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades, big door the awl, rushing to crazy, already let you see the wonderful racing and shooting, also there is no lack of fire explosion, dun to escape, awesome! “Captain America” Rogers to continue with this shield, with an “case”, a group of agents in the elevator siege, he was beaten everywhere find tooth, a plane, few rounds were shield off. The shield can be a protective shield, darts, and can also jump off a building used for blocking the body broke down, go! These seemingly ordinary things may not happen, “captain America 2″ is use of impenetrable breathtaking action, let you don’t have time to rationality, the feel is likely. Hiding the nazis in the basement, for example, the old computer, the soul of Dr Tell you “hydra” died before, but the incarnation of god shield bureau official inside, then fry the basement, the leng thriller, seized your audio and visual nerve. One minute before the retired black ghost soldiers, to join the decent, the next minute is wearing metal wings, flying in the high-tech air carrier, became unruly hero “falcon”, this “quick, quick transition, fight” narrative plot instant information, stimulate the adrenaline outbreak of the fans. And redford bad BOSS, take explosion controller, even scarlett as the black widow, nearly all live by his threat, the same fear. “Winter soldier” bucky Barnes, who is wearing a iron arm, martial arts high strength, weird action, also with a large caliber guns sweep the decent people, even the captain America, black widow is he played flustered, super tough. But these two characters, the same plot holes, one is the aegis bureau supreme commander, tidy up these men, can secretly stabbed a knife, don’t have to be so enraged gunfight Fried car, the latter is male leading role former sidekick, brainwashed as ruthless killer after 70, it was than the first set of “special forces” is the total BOSS actor brother-in-law more incredible. “Captain America 2″ can let you don’t use your mind thinking about bugs, feel comfortable, is the two new directors. This collection because of moving from the background of world war ii to the modern, bold abandoned the territories director Joe Johnston, how bad does not say the latter. But Joe director “rocket man”, “the brave game” that set of tips, too much like old style in the 90 s, and the waste wood union Lu Su brothers significantly more vigor and vitality, comic hero film sequel to this kind of have a combination of fresh imagination! In the older generation, who dare to use air carrier when the final explosion of fireworks? Who dare to let black widow just kissed Rogers down run track? Who dare in “iron man 3″, “thor 2 is procrastination and false finish, with the blow out of the intensive fighting, resurrected the superhero fierce? Looking over the eggs in the twin chaoneng BOSS, as if god horse “thor 2″ “iron man 3″ left in the snow country train,what a great word get.

Call of Duty Ghosts Cosplay Formally Identified and PC Cover Price Exposure

Call of Duty Ghosts Cosplay Formally Identified and PC Cover Price Exposure

“Call of duty” series of works has been confirmed as the “call of duty 10: Ghost (Call of Duty:Ghosts)”, just now, Activision, set up in the Facebook on “call of duty 10: Ghost (Call of Duty:Ghosts)” the official page. Broken once all the gossip, formally identified by name. Wrote on this page: the official “call of duty 10: Ghost” Facebook page, ESRB classification: undetermined release all this information on the page are only for your personal use, do not use any commercial purposes. All relevant information and content of intellectual property rights are owned by Activision all. You to this page to submit content may be used, processing, transformation, open, reprint, issuance, broadcasting, publishing to another place, may be partly or entirely reproduced, may be our group of other users. Any ideas we have the right to use you in this release, concepts or techniques. We have the right at any time without prior notice to close this page. The 2013 Activision distribution firm. Activision and “call of duty” were not registered trademarks of other registered trademarks belong to their respective owners. In addition, foreign Amazon and GameStop above two big retailers has also appeared in “call of duty 10: Ghost (Call of Duty:Ghosts)” price information, still is $59.99, and the first few are basically the same. But a careful readers have also found that the retailer’s release date for November 1st, and the quoted 1

In addition, now the pre order “call of duty 10: Ghost” also can be in the “call of duty 9: get a new” ghost “theme Camo Black Ops 2″, has been a game player by modifying the latest “Black Ops 2″ DLC file to see this painting.

Halo 4 Cosplay And Out of Infinite Close to Work! Halo 4 IGN Review in Detail

Halo 4, to save humanity is only small, his face a more difficult task is to get Cortana I find myself. She gradually to collapse – all the UNSC artificial intelligence will appear this kind of circumstance after serving seven years. As to expanding their knowledge, they in the end, according to Cortana, let yourself think about death. Which is the halo 4 “of his greatness. Plot more in-depth discussion of John humanity, but halo 4 “is more about Cortana struggle for their own” human nature “. Halo 4 “is not only a successful game, it is the improved measure of FPS game. New production team 343 will bring you surprise and joy and passion. Comment on video: deja vu and not exactly the same In the opening game was a heady CG cinematic sequences, the perfect light and shadow, every subtle movements, detail very in place, Lasky commander (yes, the network plays the heading dawn the Lasky) crooked teeth were completely restore – unlike the previous animation, the character’s face all is perfect. Both old and new players, the requirement of the cinematic sequences soon after the transition to the game operation, to the most good at halo 4 elements: shooting. Halo gun with the style of before, each gun has its own purposes, must according to the situation to choose the appropriate weapon. Prometheus oppressor and star alliance storm rifle sometimes almost impossible to play any role, but in the halo 4 games are the average of various kinds of weapons. Close the shotgun and attack the energy sword match distance weapons such as DMR or combat rifle is very effective, or match the ferocious long-range sniper rifle is also very good. In the opening, sergeant long recover from frozen hibernation, immediately into the shooting star alliance person’s work, let people recall the “halo:
Fighting evolution (its scene design, attacked the spacecraft) and “halo 2″ (levels of most of the fighting occurred in zero gravity conditions, on the deck). Halo 4, a total of eight tasks, each task is enough to make your jaws drop at a time. Especially in the pioneer star Requiem after landing, free from the wreckage, on top of the mountain, overlooking the beautiful valley. Thus introduces the planet, this make players will mainly explore here, with the enemy, Prometheus and reminiscent of the “fighting evolution” in first landed on the halo ring unforgettable mood. Close your eyes and listen Beautiful picture, of course, is just one of the basic elements of success. And the wonderful picture that halo 4 equally important is that it’s leading sound design. If you think you didn’t hear anything special, please listen carefully to the tao tao ears again. Every shot, every step, every star alliance soldier “walter wowow” with, let the halo 4 more real exciting battles. No a game music to be famous, like halo UK electronic music producer Neil Davidge from Bungie Marty ODonnell hands accept music composer. This is a risky move, also very sensible, 343 did not try to imitate ODonnell, on the contrary. And the final result is good or bad half and half. The iconic monks ChangJingSheng disappeared, Davidge dark tunes can be more complete the work, not on the basis of the picture. New background music was not too impressive, nor like a tune ODonnell escalate the atmosphere of the action scenes, it is likely to be deliberately for music, Davidge music very foil atmosphere. Usher in a new day Players have been some amazing moment in adventures, game world is the best in the history of halo open sand table of the world. Halo 4 “and” halo: reach, step-by-step game order compared to process more open, because the scale of the map, freedom is very high. On foot? The scorpion? In ghosts? Or risk to stimulate the undead tanks? These options are in your own hands, different choice will produce different practical effects.
Halo 4 “in the choice of rich, high degree of freedom to make it the battle of plot resistance to play in Should add that halo 4 vehicle parts is under the foot of kung fu. Walking type double mantis robot, the back carry large caliber machine guns and rocket launchers. Can also launch a stampede attack, star alliance or Prometheus who dare to near you to stomp on them. The fun of driving a vehicle test. Halo 4 “let me finish to the plot has been in the halo battle of two wishes: with other Spartan soldiers fought; Driving the pelican. Manipulation of the silver bird blew star alliance ship next day, this is the pelican, has long been a deserved the glory of the moment. In addition, it also has a song when I was in the game near the end of his performance, I can no longer be spoilers, there is no doubt that it will be another big network hot topic. Dig deep From the beginning to the end, the rhythm of the halo 4 than anything other than “half-life 2″ FPS is outstanding, the foot combat, fighting vehicle, emotional moments, sergeant and interaction between Cortana long, everything is perfectly blend together. The most obvious, the rhythm of the game in normal difficulty in heroes and legendary difficulty, the battle from a save stocktaking climb step by step to the next save stocktaking test of patience The series has long been known as the villain AI, they return in the sergeant long as smart again. Difficult to embody the cleverness of halo 4 AI. Vehicle is no longer so invincible, the enemy will be very good at using plasma pistol destroyed vehicles. And a new enemy Prometheus very cunning, with intelligence to win instead of unfair competition.

Prometheus is not 2 b youth, who is not the same as the zerg Watcher hovered over the Knight infantry unit, plays the guardian and the role of the medic, it also can resurrect his teammates. Therefore halo 4 combat skills is to effectively grasp the opportunities: kill it before hiding in bunkers Watcher, before the Knight escape on it, at the same time to stick a wall in a timely manner to avoid a rapid climb Crawler, it only to its yan shot to death.

Deathstroke Mask Batman Gump Origin N Carter Show Particles Blasting Table

Deathstroke Mask Batman Gump Origin N Carter Show Particles Blasting Table

Nvidia has released two game “Batman: the origin of forrest gump (Batman: Arkham Origins)” technology demonstration, shows the game is about to support the latest Nvidia display technology.

Players can see from the video game driven by PhysX particle effects, as well as TXAA, HBAO + and “Nvidia its enhancement” technology.

Batman cape in the game completely applied the PhysX on physics, and the characters of moves can really affect the game elements such as smoke and debris. TXAA anti-aliasing and surface subdivision for the game.

Deathstroke mask as 2014 Halloween Mask is a good choice, and recently the star lord mask, groot mask and Princess Zelda costume is also a good choice.

Microsoft has been Decided that the Halo 4 Won’t Log in the PC Platform

Microsoft has been Decided that the Halo 4 Won’t Log in the PC Platform

Perhaps many players will look forward to the halo 4 “can enter the PC platform, but I regret to tell you that Microsoft has not pushed halo 4 PC platform. But the decision does not affect the majority of players of the halo 4, fans also can continue to wait for, after all, the PC platform is also a big market. Another, according to the news from the official halo 4 even tailored special edition for the Xbox 360 platform, and the number of fans is growing, but it has no plan to move into PC.

Maybe in the near future, Microsoft’s decision will change, but at least now, players should be the center focus on the Xbox 360 platform.

2014 Halloween is coming, halloween ideas? star lord mask and groot mask is good choice!